How to Stay Ahead of the Curve When It Comes to Vehicle Break-Ins

One of the most commonly occurring crimes is the crime of vehicle break-ins. Vehicles parked in large parking areas such as shopping centers or apartment parking lots are especially vulnerable. But there are a number of things you can do to reduce the chance that you will be a victim of this crime.

Lock Your Doors

This seems self-evident, but many people do forget to simply lock their car doors. Even if you will be gone for just a moment, this is an important step. And don’t forget to roll up your windows!

Remove Valuables From Sight

Any valuables that can be seen through a window are a tempting target. Don’t leave personal items like a purse or briefcase in your car, especially overnight. Even items that do not contain valuables, like a gym bag with just your workout clothes, can be targeted. A thief will take a chance that you have something of value in the bag and may steal it anyways.

Use Your Safety Features

If your vehicle is equipped with an alarm, don’t forget to activate it when you leave your car. Remove stereo faceplates if you can and put steering wheel locking devices in place.

Park in a Safer Area

Try to park in a well-lit location. The more visible your vehicle is, the less likely it will be targeted.

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