The Importance of Your Daily Calcium

Calcium's benefits are tremendous, and research has shown that regular takers of this supplement can reduce their risk of bone fractures by up to 24 percent. But it seems that the key is to take your calcium supplement daily.

Researchers in Australia found that people who took calcium supplements every day got the most benefit. Skipping doses more than 20 percent of the time reduces those benefits by half. This is a significant decrease and should be a good incentive to not skip a single dose.

Calcium gives its greatest benefits in dosages of at least 1,200 milligrams, especially when taken along with 800 IU of vitamin D. Calcium can be difficult to take, as many forms of the supplement are chalky or difficult to swallow. But you can now find flavored soft chews and even powders that can be added to your foods or beverages. This gives you no reason to skip your daily calcium, letting you reap the full benefits.

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